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Why choose a private educational institution?
  • Generally, students are more successful academically. We closely monitor success rates and CEGEP enrollment. Through this data control, we ensure students and teachers receive adequate training and support. As a result, we consistently achieve high success rates.
  • Private schools emphasize the teaching of fundamental values. Our beliefs are shared with the families who choose our school and are passed on to our students and all Villa Maria staff. Like us, these families consider education to be paramount in a child’s life.
  • In the private sector, expectations for behaviour and academic achievement are generally higher than in the public sector. We give students all the opportunities and tools they need to devote time to their studies without distractions.
  • Students are often invited to participate in culturally enriching activities and various sports.
  • We offer facilities and equipment that exceed our young charges’ expectations so that they have every opportunity to explore what they enjoy.
  • Private schools are on the cutting edge of education. By adopting new technologies in the service of education, we are also at the forefront of learning methods.
Are private sector tuition fees tax-deductible?

No, they are not deductible. Only fees related to childcare services are.

Do teachers in the private sector need special certifications?

In Quebec, private schools that receive funding from the Ministère de l’Éducation are required to hire teachers who meet provincial teaching requirements. In addition, at Villa Maria, teachers are required to attend 10 hours of professional training per year.

What does “private school” mean in practice?

In Quebec, education is built around a two-tier system. There are government-funded private schools, and those that receive no government funding.

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