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I want to share my gratitude to you, the teachers, and the school for the organized approach to online learning. The pandemic came quickly with very little notice, but Villa Maria addressed it very efficiently, and effectively.

Teresa, parent


Our whole family appreciates the bilingual Villa Maria assemblies! It's so nice to see everyone, and get a sense that even though these times are solitary, everyone is somehow part of this together. My kids feel more connected, and so do my husband and I. 

Maeve, parent of two Villa students


I just wanted to write a short note of Thanks to you and the Villa Maria team of administration and teachers for all your effort and hard work that you have put into and are continually putting into the education of our children. 

Christine, parent


Villa Maria is a safe environment where you are free to ask questions and are encouraged to learn from your mistakes. It’s the perfect environment for a young brain to grow and mature. That is why I chose Villa-Maria as my school.

Ella, student


For me, Villa Maria is a place of sharing and learning. Every time I set foot on the campus, I know it’ll be a good day. We know the teachers and students will help us and push us to do our best. We spent so much time laughing, both in and out of the classroom. Villa Maria has helped me improve both academically and socially. I’ve matured so much, I’ve made lots of friends and I’ve really learned the value of solidarity.

Barbara, former student

My five years at Villa Maria were truly the best five years of my life. I chose to enroll there to follow my two sisters, both graduates, and I’ve never once regretted it. I met so many wonderful people in a warm and inclusive environment, and I had the opportunity to learn from passionate teachers who really care about the students. I’ve always been deeply involved in student life at Villa Maria. I was part of the student parliament, I participated in the international cooperation trip to Senegal and I was the production director of the 5th Act committee. All of this allowed me to easily integrate into the Villa Maria community. Being part of the last cohort composed of all girls was an amazing experience and I have so many fond memories of my time at the school. 

Simone, former student

Villa Maria is synonymous with a profound culture of caring. A sense of community in such a large school is hard to come by. As a teacher in the Entrepreneurship & Leadership Profile, I strive to instill my burgeoning entrepreneurs with the skills and confidence they need to navigate the world of work using innovative means. Active learning situations such as mock-interviews, case studies, and role-play push students outside of their comfort zone. Students see the value in applying new knowledge in such contexts, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Bringing the outside world into the classroom, and bridging the gap between theory and practice is priceless. This is what we pride ourselves on at Villa Maria.

Kristian, teacher

From the moment I started teaching at Villa Maria, I felt very welcome and like part of a family. The school staff collaborate together with much care to ensure that our students receive high-quality education and a memorable high school experience. The school environment fosters a strong sense of community and students know that there is always someone available to help them at any time of the day. I am grateful for the many memorable teaching moments I have shared with my students over the years and for the wonderful colleagues I have met along the way.

Stephanie, teacher

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